Friday, September 17, 2010

Are you burning up your wealth?

n Feng Shui, the kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity. How you design your kitchen can dramatically influence your health, and, surprisingly, your wealth.

For example, Wood is the element of Wealth, and it belongs in the Southeast corner, according to ancient Feng Shui precepts. So, if your stove in the Southeast, you are figuratively "burning up your wealth". When we analzye a person's home, the very first thing we do is take compass directions throughout the house and come up with a game plan for balancing out all the elements.

The first thing to bear in mind when considering any Feng Shui advice is that ultimately, Feng Shui is a complex practice with several different schools, and the recommendations will vary from school to school and from one practitioner to another. So too, advice will differ depending upon the unique home - and the unique people living in it. Despite the fact that different schools may have diverse views on some topics, there are basic Feng Shui principles that apply to all kitchens.

At Feng Shui Style, we use the Compass School, Form School, and Eight Mansion Theory. For more information about these schools, go to:

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