Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Pets are wonderful Feng Shui!

You've probably suspected it all along. Your pets are great Feng Shui. They are like little balls of chi running around your house, spreading joy and love. Pets help circulate the energy in your house. Of course you should not get a pet JUST to improve your Feng Shui. A pet is lifetime commitment, and you should only get one if you love animals, and are prepared to treat your pet properly and take care of it for life.

If you live alone, a pet can keep you from feeling lonely. Plenty of studies have shown that the introduction of pets into nursing homes and hospitals improves patient morale and even physical aspects. Dogs are especially good at getting their owners to exercise, since they need to be walked. Cats are natural absorbers of negative energy. They almost protect us from ourselves. My cat Nordie jumps between us when she hears raised voices. She's very brave, and cannot tolerate arguments.

Dogs, cats, birds, goldfish and basically any living thing (within reason) will bring good energy into your home. If you feel that it's time for a new addition to your family, may we suggest