Wednesday, August 15, 2007

In Summation: Yin and Yang

The Chinese believed that there were energy forces (Chi) in the body as well as the universe. They believed that there must be a balance between the Yin and Yang aspects of this energy in the body, for perfect health, and in the earth, for growth. Feng Shui is the art of detecting the Chi in a room, building, or site, and regulating it for results. The benefits of Feng Shui were once restricted only to the rich and powerful in China, but are now becoming widely available. Simply put, proper Feng Shui will make you feel fabulous in your home or office. It's largely common sense.

For example, it just feels better to have your back to a wall and see the door in your office. To have your back to the door, you tend to feel anxious that someone will sneak up on you. This makes you less productive. This is also why in a restaurant, men prefer to take the seat against the wall, looking out, with a view of the widest expanse of the room. They instinctually feel more able to protect their partners in this position. They are also safe from attack, which undoubtedly hearkens back to hunting and gathering days.

Feng Shui intuition runs very deep, and we all feel it. Knowing how to manipulate it is another matter. It is about taking care of a myriad of rules and details like this, in your home or office, which all add up. The overall effect can be improved dramatically by using these rules to adjust your furniture, objects, colors and materials. Once you learn about Feng Shui, you will never see the world the same way again.

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